Saturday 17 October, 3pm, online

The Ice House Art Collection - online documentary

Last year, this event was in such demand that we wanted to make it available to a wider audience.

On  Saturday 17th October at 3pm, in one of the highlights of our festival, we’re delighted to be premiéring a documentary film on the ice house Art Collection, here on our Facebook page.

The documentary will cover both the history of the building itself and the hotel’s extensive art collection of the hotel, which boasts works by many of Ireland’s leading artists, including Hughie O’Donoghue, Mick O’Dea, Martin Gale, Charles Tyrell, Michael Farrell and John Devlin.

Watch the trailer here: 


Each room in the hotel has a unique and individually selected artwork; a process that began at the outset while the hotel was still being built.

Interviewed by Rachael Gilbourne, Curator at IMMA – the Irish Museum of Modern Art, thye documentary features owner Pearse Farrell and artists, Martin Gale and Charles Tyrrell and was directed by Roland Mahon. As well as an intimate glimpse into the art of the hotel, the film shows how artists develop relationships with places and areas.

The Ice House Hotel, built in 1836, was originally called the ‘Iceland Cottage’ and housed the Moy Fishery managers. In this strategically positioned building on the Moy Estuary (which became the principal sea-port of Ireland in the late eighteenth/early nineteenth century), tonnes of wild salmon were once preserved under ice before being shipped to the markets of Dublin and Liverpool.

Today the modern and traditional are fused in this award-winning hotel and spa.

Saturday 17 October, 3pm, live on the Ballina Fringe Festival Facebook page.

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