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#PureBallina! is the largest community street art project in Mayo.

Among the core values of Ballina Fringe Festival is inclusivity, through community engagement and participation in the arts, which we do in various ways throughout our programme. 

In 2019,  #PureBallina!, a five-year community street art project was established. Each year, we commission a professional street artist to create a flagship piece of art in the town in relation to the festival theme, and also to work with a community group over a series of sessions to develop and paint a Community Wall.

To date, we have worked with FrizMaser, Canvaz and Sums under festival themes ‘The People’, ‘The Place’ and ‘The Past’ and ‘The Possibilities’ respectively. 

These community artworks increase participation and visibility, enhance the urban landscape by tackling neglect and dereliction and instill a real sense of pride in the community. We are now working to develop a self-guided urban street art tour that will include all existing #PureBallina works.

Throughout the project, we have been supported by local business Archers, and by Dulux and Supervalu. 

A community mural is planned for #PureBallina! 2023, and in 2024, the final large scale mural will be completed, to close out the project. 

#PureBallina! to date

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