#PureBallina! Street Art 2022 with Sums

Artist: SUMS
FLOW Community Project

Moloney's Supervalu, Ballina

2021 Festival Theme:
The Possibilities

Introducing Ballina’s newest #PureBallina Community Street Art mural, “The Fist Bump” by SUMS.

This is year 4 of #PureBallina, and the project this year is kindly sponsored by Archers and Moloney’s Supervalu, Ballina, and The Fist Bump is the first wall of two, with the second a collaboration with members of Flow Community Project.

Inspired by this year’s #BallinaFringeFestival theme, “The Possibilities” SUMs says:

“Everything is possible through art, music, communication, community, travel, education, equality, love, gender, race and the list is endless…

When we come together as a community, as a whole, everything is possible.

Coming out of a pandemic when all our personal lives and the lives of others were torn apart there was a feeling of uncertainty at the possibility of reconnecting especially with loved ones in the physical manner, that we as humans have been used to and took for granted.

This mural titled “The Fist Pump” stands for the new handshake/hug/greeting/embrace, that became the norm across the globe between young, old, family, friends, business, and government alike. As humans we still needed that human interaction.”

SUMS continues: “My mural is in direct response to this. It’s a mural depicting “The Fist Bump” in all colours. As all colours are beautiful it was important for me to not make either fist a skin colour, but rather every colour of the rainbow, as I feel it is especially important in the climate of today’s society to represent everyone in the diverse communities of modern Ireland.”

We hope you love this artwork as much as we do, and if you’re out and about, please do tag us and use #PureBallina if you’re taking photos.


Together Everything is possible Ballina Fringe Festival #PureBallina mural Walsh St

The #PureBallina! Community Street Art Project, supported by Archers Ballina and Supervalu focuses on inclusion and offers community groups the opportunity to work with a professional artist commissioned by the festival to create high-quality street art in the public realm. 

FLOW Community Project, spearheaded by locals Ryan Cawley and SuperValu Diversity and Inclusion Champion Padraig O’Hora, exists to create a more inclusive community for people with disabilities in Ballina. Participants in the group led the creative design process for the Walsh St wall in a workshop process under the guidance of artist SUMS. 

This year’s street art project was inspired by the 2022 festival theme, ‘The Possibilities’ and over the course of a week, the participants under SUMS’ guidance learned spray painting techniques and gradually brought the artwork to life. 

The piece includes the slogan ‘Together, Everything is Possible’ in Lámh, the manual sign system used by children and adults with intellectual disability and communication needs in Ireland on a brightly coloured rainbow background, to signal inclusivity.

Speaking at the launch of the artwork during the festival, Padraig O’Hora said: “The Flow Community Group is delighted to collaborate with Ballina Fringe festival on this art project. Creating a more inclusive community here in Ballina and North Mayo is what we are all about and this is just another step in promoting the ability and importance of our neurodivergent  community.”

 “#CommunityIncludesEveryone and our members are extremely proud that their vision has been represented through this mural.”

proudly supported by:

Sincere thanks to our #PureBallina sponsors this year, Archers Ireland and Moloney’s Supervalu, Ballina, and to the volunteers of Ballina Community Cleanup Group who prepped both walls.