Pure Ballina Street Art 2021 - CANVAZ


St Augustine's Community Nursing Unit
Terry Reilly (author & historian)
Ballina Community Cleanup Group

2021 Festival Theme: The Past

How the West was Won can be found on James Connolly St (Hill St) Ballina, created in October 2021 by street artist Canvaz as part of #PureBallina!, Ballina Fringe Festival’s Community street art programme.

Canvaz says: “My father is from Killala, a small village just outside Ballina. I’ve visited the town throughout my life, always enjoying the people and area. So returning to paint a mural was a big thing for me. I was given the theme “The Past” and feel very strongly that the land is the centre of who we are and who will be. I wanted to portray a sense of contentment of the farmer. They will be the centre of our environmental future. And have always been part of change and progress.” 

Two secondary pieces of work were also completed as part of the project, in a collaboration with local author and historian Terry Reilly, and St Augustine’s Community Nursing Unit on the banks of the River Moy in Ballina, the Salmon Capital of Ireland.

 Canvaz said “Thanks to Ballina Fringe Festival for the wonderful experience. I highly recommend visiting Ballina!”  Dulux Ireland and Archers Ballina.

How the West Was Won

Connolly St, Ballina, adjacent to Land League Lane

The work was painstakingly created using a series of stencils, prepared in advance. 

How the West was Won by Canvaz Ballina Fringe Festival Pure Ballina Street Art 2021

Community Pieces

The Salmon of Knowledge

Street Art St Augustine's Ballina Pure Ballina Fringe Festival

Created at St Augustine’s Community Nursing Unit, Ballina

Ballina is known as the  Salmon Capital of Ireland, and this piece was created at the Community Nursing Unit that overlooks the River Moy. 

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, interactions with the residents were limited, however the piece is designed to acknowledge the salmon’s place in the history and heritage of Ballina as fondly remembered by many of those who witnessed the salmon netting in years gone by. 

Silver Bars

Words by Terry Reilly

Author and historian Terry Reilly has written many books about the history and the people of ‘Dear Old Ballina’, including a pocket-sized handbook that guides visitors around streets, highlighting areas of interest and intrigue. 

Terry’s words reflect the ecclesiastical heritage of the Monasteries of the Moy, the imposing spire of St Muredach’s Cathedral on the same street, and the River Moy which flows through the heart of the town.



#PureBallina! 2021 was proudly supported by:

 With thanks also to the volunteers from Ballina Community Cleanup Group for their kind assistance in clearing the site and priming the wall.