Ballina Arts Centre, Thursday 13 OCTOBER 2022, 8pm

Theatre Performance/Installation: Manchán Magan - Arán & IM

Arán & Im is a theatrical performance/installation in which Manchán bakes sourdough bread while exploring the wonders of the Irish language – exploring potent words of landscape, terms of intuition and insight, and the many phrases that bring to life the mysterious glory of our natural world.


It is a celebration of language, land and local Irish food, with freshly-baked traditional sourdough bread for the audience to slice and spread with butter they churn themselves from Irish cream.


Remember, we’ve been milling and baking here for 4,000 years, and speaking some version of Irish for almost as long. There is goodness and wisdom and health in our native language, and also in eating traditional, naturally-fermented handmade food, such as sourdough made with natural ingredients grown in Ireland.

Arán & Im was originally produced in association with The Abbey Theatre


Watch the trailer here:


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