Fri 7 OCTOBER 2022

Visual Art video launch: 'The Possibilities'


This video tells the story behind a very special collaborative visual art project between Ballina Fringe Festival, the pupils of St Nicholas’ School and Craoibhín Ballina, facilitated by artist Claire Griffin.  

‘The Possibilities’ project saw pupils from St Nicholas’ and the members of Craoibhín art club, with Claire Griffin as art facilitator, enjoying the opportunity to work together to create works of art for the Ballina Fringe Festival. This project took place during the school based July Summer Programme 2022, providing an equal platform for the pupils to participate in a community based project.

The Possibilities Ballina Fringe Festival St Nichaols School and Craoibhín Ballia

It was decided to create mono-prints using leaves ferns and edible plants from the garden and hedgerows. With support from Claire, the pupils and artists from Craoibhín worked together to overlay the prints using three colours to obtain abstract images. The colours  chosen retained the freshness and immediacy of the process. With mono-prints the possibilities are endless, and each print is unique.

The collaboration was a great success and with each day the pupils’ confidence grew, which showed in their willingness to get stuck in, enjoy the printing process and have fun.

The monoprints created will be mounted together as a tryptic  and displayed in St Nicholas’ School, to be cherished by the school community. The display will serve to acknowledge and celebrate the pupils’ contribution to a community-based art project.

The Possibilities Ballina Fringe Festival St Nichaols School and Craoibhín Ballina

With thanks to the teachers, principal and support staff working on the July Programme in St Nicholas’ School for all their assistance with this project, and special acknowledgment to the members of Craoibhín who provided wonderful support to the pupils, working hand over hand to create amazing art work together. Their kindness and enthusiasm created an atmosphere of enjoyment for all.

from Creative Ireland Mayo for this project via Mayo County Council is gratefully acknowledged. You
can accces other Creative Ireland resources here:


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