Ballina Fringe Festival works on a collaborative basis with an appointed artist to create street art as part of the Pure Ballina programme. 

Artists submitting a proposal should note that the collaborative aspect of the project will be significant and substantial and will involve at least six weeks of contact time. 

Artist submissions are received by Sean Walsh, Chairman of Ballina Fringe Festival and Director of Ballina Arts Centre.  After the call for submissions closes, an evaluation panel is agreed. The panel consists of 5 members, representing the community groups involved, Ballina Fringe Festival commitee members and an independent artist from another discipline. 

Each submission is evaluated on its creativity and innovation,understanding of the brief, value for money and track record. Each member of the panel evaluates separately, and scores are then aggregated to determine the submission’s cumulative score. 

The submission with the highest score is deemed the successful submission and that artist appointed for one year only. Should more than one submission receive the same score, the Festival Chairman has a casting vote.