waking Dead

Sat 16 & Sun 17 October 2021 1:00-3:30pm

Surface/Ground/ Support
Exploring surface within drawing practice

Beginning with the question Is there such a thing as a blank surface in drawing?”, this two-day workshop explores the role of surface/ground/support within the process and practice of drawing.

Using examples of my own drawing practice and contemporary Irish and International artists drawing practice, we will consider the material and conceptual relationship between the graphic mark and surface/ground/support and how one informs and forms the other. 


Kiera O’Toole is an independent visual artist and a practice-based PhD researcher in drawing at Loughborough University, UK. Her practice interrogates the perceptual and aesthetic experience of drawing both inside and outside the gallery space. Kiera is interested in drawing’s capacity to bring forth the essence of a phenomena while making connections that arise between the aesthetic experience and the surrounding environment and/or society. 


Sat 16th October 1:00-3:30pm – Part 1

Sun 17th October 1:00-3:30pm – Part 2 

Tickets: €15 for both workshops.

Early booking advised. 

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