ballina fringe festival

7TH - 21ST DECEMBER 2020

Coming Together by Staying Apart

Originally scheduled for Ballina Fringe Festival in October.

Coming Together by Staying Apart is an exhibition of photographs taken by local Ballina family Paul, Gavin and Sophie Brennan.

During the first lockdown (between March and July) they walked the streets of Ballina while many of us stayed home to keep our loved ones and most vulnerable safe, and saw first-hand. the changes Covid had wrought on our town

This exhibition shows, in images and words, how powerful those changes have been – images of isolation, fragments of hope, the contrast of bleakness and colour.

Now, as we gather once more, we can take courage and move forward to shape a brighter future for our town.

Coming Together by Staying Apart was curated by local photographer Henry Wills, and was originally intended to be part of the Ballina Fringe Festival programme, but was unable to go ahead with the restrictions introduced in October.

Admission to both exhibitions is free.

Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 10am-6pm; Saturday: 10am-3pm

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