Maser X

Ballina Town Centre
9-17 October 2021

it's #PureBallina!!

MASER returns for Ballina Fringe Festival 2021

In 2020, MASER, one of Ireland’s leading street artists, headed west to create a unique piece of street art in Ballina.  

One part of a two-piece project, MASER Pt2, a collaboration with Foroige Ballina’s Neighbourhood Project takes place this October, postponed from 2020.  

MASER will work with Foroige Ballina’s Neighbourhood Project to create an iconic piece of street art that celebrates the theme of ‘Place’ as imagined by the youth group and brought to life with MASER’s support.  

The Pure Ballina Street Art launch will take place Sunday 17th October 2021 at 3pm. 




MASER created his street art piece during Ballina Fringe Festival 2020, on Hill St. Ballina. 

The concept for my mural at Ballina Fringe Festival is to approach the theme of ‘The Place’ in a considered and abstract way. It will be especially designed to be inclusive to locals and visitors alike, encouraging positive engagement and discourse by people from all walks of life.  

Taking my point of departure from the North Mayo phrase ‘it’s not just a place to visit, but a place where you feel alive’, my ambition is to capture the vibrant energy of Ballina town with my signature style of street art.  

Ballina is a place where human energy and nature intertwine in equal balance. The people who inhabit the town and the waterways which flow through it, harmoniously connecting with each other to create a sense of energy and life that flows throughout the county and beyond.  

It is the heartbeat of Mayo.  

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