David Munnelly
Shane McGowan

Sunday 18 October, 8pm, Ballina Arts Centre

David Munnelly & Shane MCGowan

The Moy Sessions presents David Munnelly & Shane McGowan. 

This event has been postponed due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Shane McGowan comes from a well-known musical family in South Sligo. He has guested and toured with the likes of Lunasa, Zakir Hussain and Dolores Keane.

David Munnelly from Mayo is widely regarded as one of the most influential accordion players of his generation and has played with legendary Irish bands De Dannan and The Chieftains. This duo play a mix of traditional Irish Music with a fresh blend of new compositions.

Tickets: €12. Pre-booking essential

Sunday 18 October, 8pm, Ballina Arts Centre

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