Ballina Town Centre. Launching Thursday, October 14th at 6pm

MissPlace is a collaborative project between the artist Alice Dixon, North Connaught Youth Project Ballina YWI and Involve Youth Project Ballina.

Supported by Creative Ireland, the project is centred around creating a unique alternative map of the areas the young people live in, reflecting the people and places that they have not had access to for long periods of time as a result of the global Covid-19 pandemic.

The aim is to capture not just the physical places but also the sense of place, the in-between, the liminal, the unknown and what this means for a young person.

A series of Neon Light based pieces will be temporarily placed around Ballina town using phrases and visuals extracted from conversations with the young people. These will be site specific and where they are placed will have reference to the meaning of the pieces.

The project will launch on Barrett St, Ballina on Thursday 14th of October at 6pm as part of the Ballina Fringe Festival programme. 

Supported by Creative Ireland

MISSPlace Ballina Fringe Festival