Weds 9 Oct 8pm Ballina Arts Centre


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Lumen exists in the borderland. Between music and dance, human body and machine, between evening and morning.
Inspired by 1970s and 80s sci-fi, by botany and plants, insects, metamorphosis and flight, Lumen is an immersive piece of live performance. With sound, light, movement and voice it creates a space that vibrates, shivers, thunders, glitters and glows. As if earth was speaking to you. Asking you to remember, to go back to childlike, to nature, to dreaming. 
If we could grant humanity two gifts at this age it would be attention and discernment. Without them there will be no love. And with out love we cannot save the planet. Or ourselves. 
Our eyes are slowly opening. 
LUMEN is the second piece for stage under Flora Fauna Project. (Premiere 2019.)
Flora Fauna Project is a series of performances, talks and workshops exploring our relation to nature and environment, natural intelligence, evolution, metamorphoses, gender and sexuality, community and social dreaming. 
Choreography: Maria Nilsson Waller 
Performance, Sound and Visual Design: Maria Nilsson Waller and Stace Gill
Video: Stace Gill
Light: Maria Nilsson Waller/Matt Burke
– – – –
Swedish choreographer Maria Nilsson Waller (@nilssonwaller) has presented work in Ireland for the last 10 years: Merry.Go.Round, Blanca, Last Land and Prime for Dublin Dance Festival, Project Arts Centre, and on Irish tours through Dance Limerick and Firkin Crane. In 2015 she choreographed the professional soccer team ÖFK (Swedish premiere league) in a unique and much noticed version of Swan Lake. With work described as pure emotion, mesmerising and profound again and again she draws our attention to our relationship to nature and the environment, examining the borders between the known and unknown, science versus faith and mythology. She was elected Hoffnungsträgerin 2015 by Tanzmagazin, and was a Dance Ireland Associate Artist 2013/2014. 
Electronica group THE SEI (@storyofthesei) (formerly known as OCHO) is comprised of Irish singer/composer/writer Stace Gill with production by Ross Dowling aka DOS (Talos, James Vincent McMorrow). With a distinctive sound and presence that has been compared to Imogen Heap, Portishead and Bat For Lashes, their latest release ‘Metroma’ on Paragon Records is gaining the attention of respected critics from various blogs and fans in places as diverse as Japan, Australia, the USA and Ireland.

“A futuristic disco with dystopic features”Länstidningen, Sara Strömberg


Wednesday 9th October 8pm, Ballina Arts Centre

Tickets: €12/€10